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What is Eldorado? The P2P Platform that Helps You Protect Your Money


El Dorado is the ideal marketplace to send remittances, buy, sell and save dollars, euros, and Bitcoins with Latin American fiduciary currencies from the ease of your smartphone. When buying or selling in El Dorado, the stress caused by inflation, devaluation, and the difficulty in accessing quality financial services ends.

El Dorado emerged as a response to the need of Latin Americans to have better alternatives to save money, and receive payments or remittances. The founders are Venezuelans who experienced on their own the catastrophic consequences of not being able to access trustworthy currencies, so they know the need to invest in stable and higher value currencies in order to use and enjoy their money.

We know that Latin America is currently facing great economic challenges that make it impossible to fulfill the dreams and needs of millions. On the one hand, young people have to deal with a financial system that does not offer them opportunities to grow, while older people suffer a decline in their quality of life as they see their local currency lose value. Given this situation in countries like Venezuela, Colombia, and Argentina, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and stablecoins have been the perfect opportunity to face economic difficulties and save outside the traditional financial system.

Inspired by these resilient young people, and based on their own experiences, our founders decided to create El Dorado, a platform that allows the rest of Latin America to access better financial opportunities to save and protect their money; including those people who are not familiar with the world of cryptocurrencies, but wish to have a better alternative than those offered by their local currency. This platform was built using Celo’s mobile-first technology, which is why and because of our mission to ensure the financial growth of Latin America, that today we are part of the Celo Alliance for Prosperity.

Another P2P platform? Why is El Dorado different from the rest?

The current P2P platforms for buying and selling dollars, euros and cryptocurrencies have a big problem: There is a great disparity between the exchange price of the rest of the market and the one established on their platforms. In addition, they are not usually designed to ensure the use of all its features from the ease of a smartphone.

That is why the founders of El Dorado decided to create a new P2P platform, in which transactions are possible thanks to Celo stablecoins; a blockchain system that facilitates the exchange of cryptocurrencies and fiat money, allowing exchange rates to be more favorable for users.

On the other hand, El Dorado has a clear objective: Giving all Latin Americans with a smartphone the chance to access a different kind of financial services to save and protect their money easily. That’s why El Dorado’s next step is to allow its users access to high-yield savings accounts in USD and extend its services to iOS.

Another of the characteristics that stands out about El Dorado is our focus on the future, since in addition to offering a marketplace to buy stablecoins, functionalities will also be offered to be a bridge to carry out international business between Latin America and the rest of the world as we scale; becoming the main entrance and exit door for the Latin American community of Celo

Which are the payment methods available?

Currently, you can pay with bank transfers in your local currency, paypal, zelle, pagomovil, or the payment method you prefer, always agreed with the other party involved in the transaction. In addition, as we want all Latin Americans to be able to enjoy El Dorado, we plan to include new payment methods that facilitate the acquisition of dollars, euros and Bitcoin, such as the use of debit or credit cards.

Are transactions in El Dorado safe?

At El Dorado we have the mission of guaranteeing the security of all our users, that is why we have a set of measures that allow us to protect all your operations. For this, the escrow service and a chat with a dispute mechanism are included to solve any inconvenience that you may have.

How can I access El Dorado?

The first step to start enjoying the services of El Dorado is to register on the platform, for this it is only necessary to provide the email, telephone number and create a username and password. With these simple steps you can have your account in dollars (cUSD), euros (cEUR) or Bitcoin for free.
Later, if you want to make transactions with your local currency, you will only need to complete a verification process, which is easy to perform and ensures security within the platform.

Join El Dorado and be part of an incredible journey towards financial stability and inclusion where you are the protagonist! With El Dorado you only take care of enjoying the benefits, while we tirelessly work to ensure that all people have access to an inclusive financial system where prosperity. and security. of all our users are above all else.

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