Our Purpose

Driven by a desire to bring a solution for Latin America’s fragmented financial landscape, we at El Dorado, as natives of the region, deeply understand the needs for financial freedom:

  • Freedom to Decide: Empowering you to choose the currency where your hard-earned money feels safest.
  • Freedom to Trade: Granting access to open markets driven by genuine supply and demand dynamics.
  • Freedom to Stable Income: Shielding your wealth with stable currencies, providing a buffer against erratic economic tides.

Our Vision

We're not just about payments; we're about connecting lives, businesses, and dreams; hence, a whole region: LATAM . Our vision is that P2P marketplaces like El Dorado are the future of payments in emerging markets for sectors like e-commerce, gaming, streaming, phone refills, and gift cards. We're aiming to position ourselves as an integral part of Latin Americans’ digital lifestyle.


Who we are

El Dorado is the gateway to financial freedom in Latin America. We pride ourselves in being:

  • User-Centric: Boasting the title of Latin America's most user-friendly P2P payments marketplace.
  • Versatile: With El Dorado App, indulge in seamless transactions, be it buying or selling dollars in local currency, anchored by stablecoins and bitcoin.
  • Comprehensive: We're not just a platform; we're a holistic finance ecosystem offering:
    • 💳 A dedicated digital wallet
    • 👥 A thriving P2P marketplace
    • 💸 Effortless remittance services

Meet our founders

Living under the looming hyperinflation in Venezuela, without access to the global financial system, our Co-Founders Guillermo Goncalvez and Juan Carlos Andreu, recognized a profound need: make it easy to move money around, and across borders in countries experiencing high inflation rates.

El Dorado’s team is composed of Argentinians, Colombians, and Venezuelans who have witnessed the same issues our Co-Founders went through. We understand first-hand why we’re building the new infrastructure that will hyperconnect LATAM’s financial landscape.

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Join our Telegram community, share your P2P trades and accomplishments, or simply reach out to us for support! We’re extremely active.

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