Our Purpose

It is help you achieve your financial freedom.

💰 The freedom to decide in which currency to save: being able to deposit the fruit of your work wherever you want without the intervention of any interest group.

🤝 The freedom of trade: having access to free markets where the exchange is defined by supply and demand.

🚀 The freedom to generate income: If you offer a product or service, you can protect your money by using stablecoins.

Our Vision

Be one of the engines for the economic growth of the region through our P2P market.

🆙 Building a financial ecosystem that drives education, trade and investment, giving our users the best opportunities to prosper.

Who Are We?

We are the crypto P2P marketplace of Latin America

El Dorado is the app that allows you to exchange your local currency for dollars, crypto and other digital assets. We currently offer various services such as:

  • 💳 A digital wallet
  • ​​👥 A P2P marketplace
  • 💸 Send remittances

Meet our founders

Venezuelan entrepreneurs Guillermo Goncalvez and Juan Carlos Andreu, after experiencing hyperinflation and creating different projects inside and outside the country, come together in early 2020 to create El Dorado. A P2P marketplace for stablecoins, helping Latin Americans save safely and achieve financial freedom.


El Dorado Community

We are shaping the digital economy and we want you to be a part of it!

Members of our community on Telegram, always have first hand the latest news from the crypto ecosystem in addition to the offers and services provided by El Dorado and our allies.

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