Our Mantra

Our mission is to offer Venezuelans a free dollar savings account. We want to create a digital banking alternative with financial services focused on providing solutions and improve the quality standards in Latin America. We are the opportunity to optimize your finances and make your life easier and better.

Our Vision

To be the best organization in financial services and digital banking in Latin America, enhancing our commitment to excellence and permanently adjusting to the needs of our clients. Perfect the most reliable system of the region, allowing more people access to financial services of quality, connecting them directly to the evolution of money.

Who are we?

We are a Venezuelan platform in constant development and growth, and we have the ambition to start operating in more and more Latin American markets.

Our Team

Guillermo Goncalvez
CEO & Co-founder
Eduardo Feo
COO & Co-founder
Jana Petkanic
CFO & Co-founder
Mariana Larrazabal
CCO & Co-founder
Juan Andreu
CTO & Co-founder
Carlos Fontes
Head of Developers
Rafael Quintero
Full Stack Developer
Daniel Salomón
Chief Creative Officer
Igor Miquilena
Chief of Smart Contracts