What is El Dorado?

We are the Marketplace of Dollars, Euros, and Bitcoins of Latin America.

By using El Dorado you can buy and sell any of these currencies, with trusted users though the payment method you prefer. Besides, you can also create a free digital wallet to protect your money from devaluation.

As a fast paced growing startup we are committed to economic inclusion and equality, this is why we are a part of the CELO Alliance for Prosperity, which is an initiative aiming to build financial systems that guarantee prosperity for everyone.


Digital wallet
Create a free digital wallet to protect your savings from devaluation, trusting your money will be secure and can be exchanged at our P2P market at any time.
P2P marketplace
At our Marketplace you will be able to exchange your dollars, euros, and bitcoins; create your own offers to buy and sell; connect with other users you trust; and use the payment methods you prefer.
Sending of remittances
Send money to your family and friends anytime, anywhere, trusting it will be safe from devaluation.
Trusted users
At our Marketplace, you can find and connect with high-level trusted users to exchange at the best rates of the market.

Why choose El Dorado


At El Dorado we work with Bitgo, one of the best allies to provide you with the highest safety standards in the crypto industry.


With an account in Dollars in El Dorado you can access fast, cheap and easy transfers from your phone.


El Dorado has international protocols as a financial institution, to ensure the security of all operations on our platform.

Our P2P marketplace

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Register your phone number, email and password, that way you will have your own account on the platform with access to all of the features to start the path towards financial inclusion with the community of El Dorado users.

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