We offer +50 local payment methods

What is El Dorado?

The most easy-to-use P2P market to buy and sell stablecoins in Latin America.

At El Dorado, you can buy and sell dollars with Latin America's most popular payment methods using stablecoins and bitcoin.

With El Dorado App you get a digital wallet to send and receive BTC, USDT, and other stablecoins.

What We Offer?

P2P Market
Our Marketplace enables you to buy and sell dollar-pegged cryptocurrencies and BTC for fiat by trading directly peer-to-peer with others.
Digital Wallet
A crypto wallet to receive and send money using Bitcoin, USDT, cUSD, and cEUR.
Sending money to other El Dorado users is completely free, and crypto wallet-to-wallet transfers pay only network fees.*
Ranking-&-Review System
Review other user’s credibility and reviews in advance to transact with trusted parties that meet your needs.

Why Pick El Dorado?


At El Dorado we work with Bitgo, one of the most established and well-recognized custodians of the industry to provide you with the highest security standards in town.


Withdraw BTC and stablecoins at any time to other crypto wallets paying only network fees.*


As a financial institution, El Dorado complies with international licenses and protocols that guarantee the security of all transactions on our platform.

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