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Our experience at DEVCON VI Bogotá


The Ethereum ecosystem received a significant boost with the celebration of the sixth Ethereum Developers Conference. Developers, designers, and ethusiasts from around the world came to Bogotá, Colombia, between October 11 and 14 to explore the latest Ethereum developments and learn more about everything related extraordinary ecosystem and how to build on its characteristics.

At DEVCON, you could find people from all over the world nations, from India to Argentina, going through everything else; among the attendees, there were more than 113 nationalities. As one of the attendees said: “Seeing so many people in one place is a rare experience.” 

The event also allowed us to connect with industry leaders and innovators. We were able to hear updates on new products or see presentations from prominent voices in the crypto ecosystem like Vitalik Buterin, Danny Ryan, and Skylar Weaver.

We had a great time at DEVCON VI and are excited about what we saw. So here we will tell you about our experience at this great event!

A brief history of DEVCON

The Ethereum community has been meeting, sharing ideas, and collaborating in person since 2014. The first Ethereum Developers Conference was held in Berlin in November.

Subsequent conferences were held in London, Shanghai, Cancún, Prague, and Osaka. These conferences have always accompanied smaller events, such as hackathons or simple parties to meet new people. 

Throughout these events, the Ethereum team has gathered the input and talent needed to improve the protocol. Many significant changes, like The Merge, can be attributed to the efforts of the Ethereum communities and their developers.

Ethereum and DEVCON in a few words

DEVCON Bogotá was the sixth edition of this great event and the second in Latin America. After three years of waiting for the pandemic, the Ethereum community could finally get together to talk and stay up to date with the latest details. 

This was the largest Ethereum rally ever. The event was held months after The Merge when Ethereum passed from Proof of Work (PoW) to Proof of Stake (PoS); this change meant a 99.8% reduction in energy consumption, which opened the way to a greener and more environmentally friendly protocol.

It was a very long road to get to this point. Last year saw Ethereum become more widely adopted as a protocol for decentralized applications, mainly thanks to the explosive growth in the number of tokens issued on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Ethereum has also established itself in our region, with many communities representing their country. In particular, DEVCON Bogotá was the perfect place for the Latino community to showcase their potential and the talent they can bring to the ecosystem.

 The state of the Ethereum ecosystem: where are we now?

The Ethereum ecosystem is growing. As more companies and organizations adopt Ethereum, more people will become familiar with this open-source blockchain technology; the goal is for more companies to start using the technology, which can help run decentralized applications, or “dapps.” 

This excitement around Ethereum has led to thousands of decentralized apps (and while some may be useful, most people don't need thousands of different apps just yet). There is still a lot of work to be done to make Ethereum better for everyday use, which is one of the big problems with Ethereum: it is not easy to use. 

While alternatives have been created recently to make Ethereum development easier, devs still have to spend hours getting their products up and running. Another issue, perhaps, is the distrust that still exists around cryptocurrencies; let us remember that it is a very volatile market, and although there are stable currencies, many people do not find a safe way to understand the possibilities they can explore in this world.

Projects like El Dorado play a fundamental role, as we offer easily accessible and uncomplicated tools that make the use of cryptocurrencies more friendly.

 What's next for Ethereum?

The next major development event for Ethereum will be the Shanghai upgrade, which is currently running a testnet. This major update is planned for some point in 2023, and one of its main improvements will be to offer the possibility for users who have staked ether to withdraw it along with the accumulated rewards. It is also hoped that this update will allow even more data to be processed, thereby considerably lowering gas prices. 

DEVCON VI was a significant milestone for the Ethereum community, and examples are endless of how this event has strengthened the ecosystem as a whole. It is remarkable how crypto adoption is increasing worldwide; without a doubt, we are excited to see where the Ethereum ecosystem goes. We already look forward to DEVCON VII in Singapore.

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