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Ledn is a recognized option for saving and earning interest on Bitcoin and USDC. Their savings accounts offer attractive monthly returns and services like Bitcoin-backed loans.

What sets Ledn apart in the sector is its Proof-of-Reserves standard. Ledn carries out this process every six months, assuring Ledn's customers that they appropriately account for their assets. Furthermore, they conduct this process while preserving the client's privacy.

How to buy USDT in El Dorado P2P?

To change to USDC in Ledn Savings Accounts, you will first need to convert your local currency, such as Colombian pesos or Venezuelan bolivars, to USDT by following these steps:

  1. Create your El Dorado account on our website or by downloading the app for Android or iOS.
  2. Complete the identity verification or KYC process. This step will only take 5 minutes.
  3. Go to the "Exchange" tab and select "Send" COP or VES (your local currency) → "Receive" USDT in the currency selector.
  4. Choose your preferred payment method under "Filters," select the offer you like the most, and click "Exchange."
  5. Indicate the amount of USDT you want to buy and confirm the transaction.
  6. You must pay your counterparty's account and mark the transaction as completed. At this point, you have USDT in your El Dorado wallet.

How to change USDT peer-to-peer in El Dorado for USDC in Ledn?

  1. Next, go to the "Exchange" tab again, but this time, in the currency selector, choose USDT under "Send" and USD under "Receive."
  2. Select Ledn under "Filters," choose your preferred offer, and click "Exchange."

  1. Indicate the amount of USDT you want to convert to USDC in Ledn and confirm the transaction.
  2. Wait for your counterparty to make a peer-to-peer payment in Ledn using Ledn Transfer, and confirm that you have received the payment.
  3. Accept the Ledn Transfer in your account, and you're all set!

The best part is that not only have you protected your money from local inflation, but you are now earning monthly interest on your USDC in Ledn, thanks to this new method of peer-to-peer USDT exchange in El Dorado.

If you live in Latin America, you must purchase Bitcoin or USDC on other platforms to send money to Ledn. Fortunately, Ledn has introduced a new option for fee-free money transfers between Ledn clients. We are excited to have included Ledn as a payment method in El Dorado P2P.

This way, El Dorado and Ledn clients can exchange USDT balance deposited in the El Dorado Wallet for USDC balance in Ledn Savings Accounts, using El Dorado peer-to-peer and Ledn Transfer.

What is Ledn?

Ledn is a platform that offers users different financial tools, with the most popular being their Bitcoin and USDC savings accounts, which generate monthly interest on deposits.

Is it safe to save with Ledn?

Ledn, a Canadian company, has operated since 2018 and is officially registered with FINTRAC in Canada. It also holds a license as a Money Services Business in the United States and recently obtained a license as a provider of digital asset services in the Cayman Islands.

Among Ledn's investors, we can highlight 10T Holdings, Hashed, Coinbase Ventures, CMT Digital, and Kingsway Capital.

Additionally, the company regularly conducts reserve audits to demonstrate its transparency and financial stability.

We are thrilled to offer these tools in El Dorado so that more people can access services like Ledn through the benefits provided by peer-to-peer markets.

If you don't have an El Dorado account yet, don't wait any longer and create yours now.

In our app, you can withdraw money from Ledn without paying fees and withdraw your money from Binance without fees, starting from $1.

In El Dorado, financial freedom is in your hands.

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