Giving people the power to create their own economic freedom, offering them open financial services, technology and education. Generating alternatives in unstable economies that allow our community to improve their quality of life in an ecosystem that promotes free commerce, trust and inclusion to global markets.


Be the most trusted and secure ecosystem in Latin America that allows more people access to quality financial services, connecting users directly into the evolution of the crypto economy.


Providing a trusted platform of peer-to-peer businesses, based on the inclusion of every user to the world of the emerging technologies to generate a community of people producing earnings for every operation made on the platform, protecting the value of their work, so we can empower their lives with financial freedom.

About Us

El Dorado is the first venezuelan cryptocurrency platform with international licenses and protocols that follow the highest standards of quality and security to operate in the crypto market in a simple and user-friendly way. We are backed by a multidisciplinary team committed to the development of solutions that empower the living standards of our community.