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How to buy Celo USD with Dollars?


If you want to buy cUSD and pay with dollars, you have just arrived at the right place. In our P2P, you will find the best offers from verified users to buy Celo USD safely and use your favorite payment method.  

If you have Dollars, you can buy cUSD in El Dorado and pay with the following options: Bank Transfer, PayPal, Zelle, Revolut, Skrill, Advcash, BOFA, Uphold, Airtm, Wise, Zinli, Western Union, Mercantil Panamá, Banesco Panamá, Banco General, Banistmo Panamá y Scotiabank. 

Buying Celo USD in El Dorado is so simple that you just have to follow these four steps

1. Create an El Dorado account

To do so, you just have to access our website or download the app, available on iOS and Android.  

2. Verify your account

Our security is fundamental, so before accessing our P2P market, users must complete the verification process or KYC. Don't worry; the process is speedy, and it will take you up to 5 minutes.

3. Create your cUSD wallet

Once you have completed the verification process, you must create your wallet where the Celo USD you purchase will be stored. You must click on the “+” symbol and select the “Celo USD account” option. 

4. Access the P2P market

With your wallet created, you just have to go to the “exchange” tab, where you will find the offers available to buy Celo USD in your local currency. You just have to select the offer you like the most, enter the amount of cUSD you want to buy, and pay the counterparty.

You can also create your offer in El Dorado to buy Celo USD at your chosen price. To do it, just click on the "+" button in the P2P marketplace and complete the fields with the info of your offer.

To speed up buying cUSD, you can join our Telegram channel and share your offer with hundreds of users. 

5. Congratulations, you already bought Celo USD using Dollars!

Buying cUSD in El Dorado is easy, safe, and fast; plus, you can do it by paying with your local currency and using one of the +30 payment methods that we have available for you.

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